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Red Ribbons for a living

“I am Muthukani (29 years old). My husband is a driver. He was affected by HIV. I have two children, both girls. My younger daughter is HIV positive. In 2005 at a government ART centre, I was approached by an outreach worker of the Positive Women Network (PWN+). I began to regularly attend support group meetings and receive counselling on taking care of my family’s health. In 2006, I heard that PWN+ was initiating Social Light Communications (SLC), a business wing to socially and economically empower women living with HIV.

From contemplating suicide to living with hope

“When my husband died because of some diseases related to HIV, I thought I had lost everything. At that time I didn’t know about HIV, and my younger child and I tested positive for HIV. When I saw my son was seriously ill with TB, I felt he would die very soon. I didn’t know where I would go for medicines and other support. I really got angry with my husband who gave us this disease. My daughter is ‘negative’, so I know my in-laws will take care of her.