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Positive Women Network (PWN+) had first collaborated with Goonj for the relief services in 2015 during the severely affected flood in Chennai. Goonj is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in New Delhi, India which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 23 states across India. With the support of Goonj and Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), PWN+ distributed 2700 relief kits to the worst affected people living with HIV (PLHIV) families. And through this collaboration, PWN+ has got an opportunity to learn relief services in all its practicality. During the emergency situation, Tata Consultancy Services provided their IT staff as volunteers for the packing of relief kits. Network of Chennai People living with HIV/AIDS
(NCP+) supported through their staff volunteers. We acknowledge the immense support and
guidance given by Mr. Daniel Vinod of CFAR .

Chennai Food 2015Chennai Food 2015

At the time of Cyclone Nihar in late 2020 in Chennai, with the support of Goonj, PWN+ distributed relief packages to the affected 200 PLHIV families.

During the 2020 Mizoram Landslide, as requested by PWN+, Goonj supported with the relief kits which was as much as a timely needed help for the Mizo Positive Women.

During the first wave of Covid 19 pandemic and related lockdown as we asked about the ART adherence, an old women living with HIV replied sarcastically” here is nothing to eat for us and then you are asking to consume medicine on time”. It was an eye opening incident for PWN+ and once again PWN+ approached Goonj and well wishers to help PLHIV families in the critical period like Covid-19. The most suffered during the time was PLHIV and to meet their subsistence need there were 3380 ration kits distributed in Chennai, Thiruvalluvar and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu other than Ajmeer and Delhi. Once again TCS extended their help and donated Rs.60,000/- as emergency support. Mr.Sunderagopalan(Chennai), Elizabeth H Gadd (UK) Vijayalakshmi and Aarati Trust (Hyderabad), Raju (Annanagar) and volunteers of Exenora were supported with donations to our emergency fund. Using the emergency fund, we provided treatment support to HIV positive women who have suffered with critical illness like Cancer/ renal failure during the lock down. Food and monetary support have also given to family of Covid 19 infected WLHIV (single parents) in Chennai. During the lockdown period we have found that few families struggled to find money for funeral expenses, and PWN+ intervened with the timely help. With the support of Rotary Club of Chennai Carnatic, PWN+ paid school fee for a girl, and distributed books and guides for 28 infected children and also gifted tabs for five children for their online studies. United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India(UELCI) provided ration for 48 women in Chennai. Ms.Sandra Joseph, faculty of Stella Maris College partnering with PWN+ conducted a study on the effect of lock down among women. To make PLHIV stay on their antiretroviral treatment as it would reduce the risk of Covid 19 as well as other opportunistic infections, PWN+ had supported in home delivering the ARV medicine for 450 people and supported ART centres to shift medicine to PHCs and ICTCs for easy distribution.

Covid 19 relief 2020Covid 19 relief 1

Now in the second wave lockdown of Covid 19, Goonj is providing ration kits for the People living with HIV as requested by the PWN+ in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. The distribution has started from the second week of May 2021 and 1332 kits were distributed.

Covid 19 relief 2021Covid 19 relief 2

At present we couldn’t predict when the COVID pandemic comes to end or when we can lead normal life as earlier. Sometimes we have to support people for a long period. We need both material and monetary support from outside.

Ourselves, with limited resources, we cannot accomplish what we dream of, we needed many more hearts and hands of support to meet our needs and in what we are doing in service sector nowadays. Therefore we look forward to your support and encouragement to address the plight of underprivileged communities…

OUR requirements are;

  • Ration kits
  • Transportation cost for distributing ration kits
  • Transportation cost for ARV medicine home delivery
  • Emergency treatment support
  • Donate