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HIV/AIDS brings with it a fear of rejection, stigma, discrimination and harassment. Women living with the virus have described a sense of fatalism that sets in and a darkness that descends on their lives.

Living Positive is a means of converting a life filled with fear and fatalism into one of hope and meaning. It involves knowing that something can be done to make your life better, and that there are people who can walk with you on your journey.

Know your Rights

First, you have to know your entitlements. As a woman living with HIV/AIDS, you have a right to:

  • Live free from violence
  • Choose when to get married
  • Choose who you marry
  • Own your share of property
  • Learn the skills you need for employment
  • Get employment opportunities
  • Guarantee your child a secure future
  • Receive proper healthcare
  • Get necessary information
  • Get proper counseling
  • Have reproductive choices
  • Confidentiality regarding your HIV status
  • Access drug rehabilitation services

Get help

Get access to information, medicines and advice

  • Visit our Drop-In centres, which are open from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm on weekdays. You can get information on various issues (eg: legal matters, health advice etc.), help with medicines and/or doctor’s appointments, or just come to chat and relax.
  • Talk to us about anything you need to. If something is worrying you, tell us and we will help. We can talk to you over the phone, visit you at hospital, or you can even come in to meet us face to face. We guarantee to maintain confidentiality. No one will learn about your HIV+ status.

Get emotional support
Join one of our support groups, and gain strength from the ‘togetherness’. Experience has shown us that there is a lot to be gained from sharing your problems and supporting other women in your situation.

Find a means of earning your own income

  • Start a business of your own: Thirteen women living with HIV/AIDS decided to create a means of earning their own livelihood. Starting out with no business knowledge and almost no money they worked towards starting an enterprise. With our help, The New Modern Garments Store, is now a flourishing enterprise.
  • Join an existing venture:Social Light Communications is a design and print company that helps organizations develop communication material, and in doing so provides an income for women living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Make and market products: The WE Shop provides marketing support for products made by women living with HIV/AIDS who are deprived of basic rights.

Find Inspiration

What does it take to survive the challenges of HIV/AIDS? Where do you find the energy to fight for what you need? How do you keep going when your world is falling apart? Can life ever really be normal again?

Across India, women living with HIV/AIDS find reasons to live and paths to happiness. Hear their stories. Learn what pulled them through…

Join the community

There are thousands of women Living Positive. They are all going through what you are. Why walk alone? Join our network and benefit from their experience, support and guidance. Join Us