Mission and Vision

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Our Vision

Women living with HIV/AIDS and infected/affected children are all empowered to live a life of dignity and equality, free from stigma and discrimination.

Our Short-term Vision (2012-15)

Address and reduce violence, stigma and discrimination against women living with HIV.


  • Working in partnership with government both at state and national level
  • Ranking the profile of PWN+ as a national network
  • Creating awareness of the rights and entitlements of affected women and linking them to
    appropriate institution mechanisms
  • Ensuring equitable access to women friendly health care services

Our Mission

To change the existing situation of all women living with HIV/AIDS, and infected/affected children in India. We build capacities, increase access to rights, develop partnerships and advocate for programme and policy change.

Our Values

    "Living the CORPORITUAL Values in everyday life - to Value Humanity, Respect & Acceptance."

  • We believe in inclusion and partnership
  • We value humanity, respect and understanding
  • We believe in equal rights
  • We believe in confidentiality
  • We believe in ethical working practices
  • We value clear information